Cleaning And Prevention

dental cleanings

Dental cleanings

Keeping your teeth clean is all part of the service at Lige Dunaway D.D.S. We ensure your teeth are in the best condition possible with high-quality cleaning using the latest techniques and technology for a clean, fresh outcome.

What Your Dental cleaning Includes

A build-up of calculus can lead to damage and harm for your teeth, as well as a less-clean outward appearance. We carefully remove tartar to reveal your new, beautiful smile underneath.

Utilizing the latest techniques, we gently and effectively remove all plaque from the surface of the teeth to prevent damage and ensure a clean look.

Alongside removal, we also offer teeth polishing to remove stains and dark areas on the tooth for a white, uniform final result.

Dental Exams

Our dental exams are the foundation of the work we do at Lige Dunaway D.D.S. With twice a year cleanings and exams, we can ensure your smile is healthy.

What Your Dental exam Includes

X-rays are required to complete a diagnosis of your dental health on an annual basis. If tooth pain arises at a separate visit, then an x-ray may be taken.

This exam is performed twice a year at your dental cleaning visit, and at a separate visit if requested.

Our standard dental exams include complete checks for disease in the gums and mouth, allowing us to provide you with preventative advice, care, and treatment for any ongoing issues.

Each dental exam includes a thorough check of every tooth for the signs of tooth decay or day-to-day damage. From there, we can provide fast and easy solutions before problems worsen or cause harm.

If you have existing restoration treatment through our team or another dentist, we can carefully examine the condition of implants, fillings, and more to ensure they are still up to standard.


Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are offered as part of our dental exam process and are used by our team to identify problems and diagnose issues with your oral health. They are a valuable way to diagnose and treat any symptoms and pain quickly you may have.

What Might Dental X-Rays Reveal?
  • Abscesses Or Cysts
  • Bone Loss
  • Cancerous and Non-cancerous Tumors
  • Decay Between the Teeth
  • Developmental Abnormalities
  • Poor Tooth and Root Positions
  • Problems Inside a Tooth or Below the Gum Line

Frequently asked questions

We require x-rays at least once a year for routine dental cleanings. If you show signs of infection, decay or another condition, we will let you know if a dental x-ray is needed to ensure a proper diagnosis.

All dental x-rays are done at Lige Dunaway D.D.S. In some complex case instances, If Dr Dunaway is working with a dental specialist, they may order additional imaging.

We typically diagnose any issues that have shown up on the x-ray during your appointment. In some cases, we may recommend seeking a specialist's opinion or traveling to the hospital for further checks and tests


Dental x-rays are taken typically if there is a problem. Cavity detecting x-rays are taken every year by our highly trained hygienists at your cleaning appointment.


Home Care

Keeping your teeth healthy is more than just occasional brushing. Here’s what you should be doing to keep your mouth clean, healthy, and decay-free.

  • Watching What You Eat
  • Brushing Your Teeth
  • Flossing
  • Rinsing
How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy At Home

What you do at home can make a big difference to the quality and condition of your teeth. By properly managing your dental care, you’re far less likely to need to see our specialist dentists for pain, decay, and other dental problems. The better you care for your smile, the brighter it will be.

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