Create a Better Bedtime Routine: 5 Tips From a Professional

The word “routine” doesn’t necessarily stir up excitement and happiness–at least not for most people.

While routines may be associated with tedious chores, in reality, having a routine that you look forward to can drastically improve your mental health.

In particular, your bedtime routine greatly impacts the quality of sleep you get and how you unwind for the day.

Think about it, if your morning routine sets the done for the day, your bedtime routine should tie a bow on it.

Read on to discover five tips for creating a bedtime routine that will enhance your sleep habits!

1. Set Up Your Oasis

The place where you sleep should be your paradise–the most relaxing place in your home.

You’ll have better sleep health by taking some time to ensure that your bedroom is clean and optimized for sleep.

For some, that might mean closing the curtains, lighting some candles or aromatherapy, or playing some relaxing music.

If your room isn’t comfortable or pleasing, you’re taking stress to sleep with you.

2. Do a Relaxing Activity

Bedtime Routine

If you’re guilty of scrolling aimlessly on your phone until you feel cross-eyed, it’s time to put the phone down.

Excessive screen time before bed can disrupt your sleep and increase stress.

Instead, invest time before bed in a mindful activity. This can be reading, meditating, or journaling.

These activities will help you settle down and wind down for bed.

3. Health First

While everyone has been so tired that they went to bed without brushing their teeth at least once, it shouldn’t be a pattern.

While you sleep, your body works hard to stay running. Sleep is when a lot of growth and healing occurs.

Therefore, prioritize your health before bed by establishing excellent oral hygiene, skincare, and hair routines.

4. Reflect on the Day, Plan for Tomorrow

As you lay in bed, take some time to reflect on how the day went. What were your highs and lows? What moments did you appreciate?

Then, briefly go over the tasks you have to do tomorrow.

This small planning step will keep you present and alleviate any morning stress. Instead of waking up disoriented and in a rush, you’ll know your intention for the day.

5. Make it a Family Affair

If you have children, setting an example of a consistent sleep schedule and bedtime routines is key. 

Help your family engage in a whole bedtime routine, so everyone knows and shares the responsibilities.

Maybe your spouse is in charge of teeth brushing, and you do story time. This way, you are only shouldering part of the load.

Your Bedtime Routine Needs a Makeover

If you’re noticing stress or poor sleep health, examining your nighttime habits may reveal the cause. 

If a bedtime routine just doesn’t cut it, contact our office today for relief! They’ll help you identify ways to improve your sleep quality and set you up for a better night!