Dental Care

Teeth Cleaning & Prevention

Our core focus at Lige Dunaway D.D.S. is on preventing dental problems before they happen. Our professional teeth cleaning and prevention services keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright and beautiful.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’d like to enhance your natural smile,
our cosmetic dentistry services can help restore and
regenerate your teeth with professional-grade
treatments and care.

Periodontal Disease

If you struggle with disease and ongoing dental health problems, our highly skilled dental team can help. We provide a comprehensive treatment plan for periodontal disease and other issues to help restore your confidence and improve your health.


Dr. Dunaway’s advanced training and experience
is able to carry out a wide array of different
restorations, dentures, implants, for your oral health.

Teeth In A Day

The highly efficient Teeth in a Day treatment is a revolutionary way to install multiple implants in one day without the length and uncomfortable nature of traditional procedures. This advanced treatment offers the ideal way to complete treatment quickly, effectively, and without delay.

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