Do I Really Need to Brush My Teeth Twice a Day?

Do I Really Need to Brush My Teeth Twice a Day?: The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth for two minutes twice daily.

Sadly, more people should heed this advice. One study conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic found that 22% of respondents went three or more days without brushing. 

In this post, we will give you a short guide to outline the importance of brushing your teeth and tips for creating a routine. There’s always room for improving oral hygiene, so keep reading and avoid the most common dental issues.

Brushing Teeth and Oral Health

Brushing your teeth twice daily helps stave off the most common dental issues. This includes cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and sensitive teeth, among other things.

Brush My Teeth Twice a Day

When you fail to brush, bacteria forms on the surface of your teeth, which is what we call plaque. Plaque produces acids that eat away at your tooth enamel and the softer dentin layer beneath the enamel. The clearest sign of a cavity is pain and sensitivity when you eat sugar or hot and cold things.

Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease caused by excess plaque. Symptoms of gingivitis include raw, swollen gums that are red and bloody looking.

The plaque buildup that causes these conditions and others can be prevented by brushing twice daily and flossing. Your dentist should treat cavities and gingivitis immediately to avoid further issues.

Oral Hygiene and Overall Health

Oral hygiene is directly linked to your overall health. In particular, conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are all deeply tied to your oral health.

If you suffer from gum disease, you’re twice as likely to die of a heart attack and three times as likely to suffer a stroke. Prolonged inflammation in your mouth from gum disease allows bacteria to enter your bloodstream and wreak havoc.

Tooth Brushing Routine Tips

Many of us who fail to brush twice daily do so out of forgetfulness. It’s all about developing a toothbrushing routine that you can stick to no matter what else you have going on. See your dentist at least once a year or more is essential.

Toothbrushing techniques matter as well. Angle the brush at 45 degrees and gently move the brush in a circular motion where the gum meets the tooth. Make sure to take the full two minutes to clean every surface of every tooth.

There are many types of toothbrushes to choose from. A soft brush with rounded bristles is a safe bet for all, but your dental situation may dictate otherwise, which your dentist can help you with.

Take Care of Your Teeth, and They’ll Take Care of You

As you can see, flossing and brushing your teeth twice daily can have lasting positive impacts on oral health. By taking care of your teeth, you won’t have to worry about the adverse effects on your dental and overall health.

The importance of brushing is obvious, but seeing your dentist is also essential.

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