restorative dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Why you might need restorative dentistry, one might ask. There is a range of reasons why you may consider restorative dentistry. Including the following:

  • Enhancing Your Smile
  • Filling Unattractive Spaces Between Teeth
  • Improving or Correcting an Improper Bite
  • Preventing the Loss of a Tooth
  • Relieving Dental Pain
  • Repairing Damaged and Decayed Teeth
  • Replacing Missing Teeth
  • Replacing Old, Unattractive Dental Treatments
  • Restoring Normal Eating and Chewing

Dental Implants

All dental implant appointments begin with an initial appointment where we can assess the condition of your teeth and make any required measurements to create your implants. Once we've completed all molds and measurements, we can make a second appointment to install your new implant. The time this takes will depend on the implant itself, and our specialist team will advise on any care conditions and cleaning processes for your implant on the day.

Why Might You Need a Dental Implant?
  • Replacing One or More Missing Teeth Without Affecting Adjacent Teeth
  • Resolving Joint Pain or Bite Problems Caused by Teeth Shifting into Missing Tooth Space
  • Restoring Your Confident Smile
  • Restoring Chewing, Speech, and Digestion
  • Restoring or Enhancing Facial Tissues
  • Supporting a Bridge or Denture

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are the standard to repair teeth with cracks, fractures, and decays. These industry-standard fillings allow you to restore your teeth in the long term, though they may need replacement after many years. Composite fillings only require one appointment and can usually be carried out during your checkup if needed.

A composite filling is a type of resin-based material used to fill holes and gaps in teeth caused by damage and decay. Composite fillings, specifically, are more subtle than silver amalgam fillings, as they mimic the color of the existing tooth for a more natural final look.

Often, fillings are completed on the same day as your checkup if we spot any issues such as fracture, damage, or decay. Our highly trained staff will carefully clear out the space after numbing the tooth. A composite filling is inserted and carefully shaped to restore your teeth to their original shape. You may find temporary heightened sensitivity to hot and cold following your filling placement.

There are several reasons why you may require a composite filling. These include:

  • Chipped Teeth
  • Closing Space Between Two Teeth
  • Cracked or Broken Teeth
  • Decayed Teeth
  • Worn Teeth


Dentures are a life-changing solution for many of our patients, providing a new lease of life to their teeth and returning their smile to full health. We offer both complete and partial dentures at Lige Dunaway D.D.S., and implant dentures for a more permanent solution to improve your smile.

Implant dentures are a long-term solution to tooth loss, with no need to remove your dentures at the end of the day. Implant dentures are typically made with titanium roots of plates installed into the upper or lower jaw by a trained, professional dental surgeon.

We will first evaluate you for suitability in an initial consultancy session. If we determine you’re a good candidate for either standard dentures or implants, we will then begin the process of getting your mouth ready. This may mean removing remaining teeth or just creating a mold of your mouth to make the dentures themselves. In a follow-up appointment, we will fit your new dentures and advise you on care and cleaning.

There are a range of reasons you may require dentures. Including any of the following:

  • Complete Denture - Loss of All Teeth in an Arch
  • Partial Denture - Loss of Several Teeth in an Arch
  • Enhancing Smile and Facial Tissues
  • Improving Chewing, Speech, and Digestion


CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Instead of waiting weeks for your new ceramic crowns, CEREC offers you a way to leave our office with natural, restored teeth within the same appointment. No follow-up or temporaries are required.

Dr. Lige Dunaway will use a special camera to allow them to take clear photographs of your damaged tooth. This information is then fed into a CAD program, where your restoration is designed. Once completed, the CAM system creates your ceramic restoration, and we install the final product for you within the same session.

No more waiting around. With one hour from photographs to fitting, you won’t need to wait days or weeks for your restoration. CEREC makes it easy and fast to get treatment as and when you can – making it ideal for a busy lifestyle. Get in touch with our team to find out more about it.

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