Top 10 Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth

There are many foodstuffs that are bad for your teeth. Ones that may offer other health benefits might still not be tooth-friendly! Let’s work through some of these top foods and discover how they may be detrimental from the first bite…

The Most Obvious Foods that Are Bad for Your Teeth

Sweets and Candies

From a young age, sweets and candies can start a life-long addiction. So many of us would admit to having a “sweet tooth!” However, the oral outcome can be anything but pleasant. The combination of sweetness and stickiness (often evident on your fingers before ever even reaching your mouth) can deliver harmful acids, causing increasing damage to the enamel on your teeth. Sugar-free candy is also harmful to your oral health. It’s easy to see this as a “healthy” option, yet these can still cause the same type of damage.

Certain Salty Snacks

Unfortunately, two popular snacks have found a place on our list. Firstly, popcorn. Apart from possible biting damage, the kernels themselves can work their way below your gum-line. Secondly, potato chips, a starchy residue can be left behind to harm your molars.

Breakfast Cereals

Along the same lines as popcorn and chips, we should warn you of the affects lots of breakfast cereals. Many brands and choices are sugar-rich or have high levels of carbohydrates, and traces of these often stick to your teeth.

Less-Obvious Food Choices that Can Still Cause Damage

As mentioned earlier, there are foods that can be seen to be generally quite “healthy,” but not necessarily tooth-friendly.


Bread, whether white, or other options such as whole grain, is another regularly-consumed food that can get stuck to, or between, your teeth.

Chewable Vitamins

A surprising entry might be those vitamin pills that you are instructed to chew. These may offer other benefits for your general health. But again, like sweets, they often deliver a chewy and sticky consistency that can cling.

Some Fresh Fruits

foods that are bad for your teeth

Fresh citrus, or dried, fruit can both cause harm. The former by its acidic composition is not a friend to tooth enamel. The latter has low water, but high natural sugar, content – a combination that isn’t great for your teeth.

Damaging Everyday Liquids


Any foodstuffs containing vinegar can cause the same oral problems as fruit. And it’s found in many salads and marinades. Pickles can also have the same effect.

Certain Beverages

Soft drinks also have an acid content, as does both white and red wine. The latter is often rich in tooth-staining tannins.

Red Sauces

Finally, damage can also be caused by red sauces, such as those accompanying pasta. The acid in the sauce can attack your teeth. Then the carbs can feed bacteria which can go on to be a cause of cavities.

So, What Action Can You Take?

We’re not suggesting you stop eating all of the above! Obviously, brushing your teeth, at the right time and in the proper manner, is vital. Our recent blog, The Ultimate Guide on How to Brush Your Teeth, will help.

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